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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The best things

Sometimes you think that the bigger and better the news are the more energy you get from it.
But it is not true.
At least not in my case.
Two really good things happened today already now by 10 o'clock.
My bike was still there though i forgot it outside by my work over night!
Nobody stolen it and i love it! Of coarse!
But i also got a very funny email from my collegue F. He wrote that he can not close his project at today's management meeting that i am holding.
Since he is still gonna hold a presentation i don't really have to change anything, but he wrote that he wanted to worn me in case i prepared big song and dance show for his TG5 decision.
This email make me wanna dance and sing while getting my coffee in the companie's kitchen!
It made me really energetic and happy!

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