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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two days after i started work again after six month off i have this new cool idea!
Or at lest i think so :)
We create High Energy Club!

(Yes it comes from reading notes from Lucy's class :))

This is a club for women who want to live in high energy and cycle each other up.
We want to live our lives like we ARE the party.
Be in charge of our mood
Help each other build our business and careers
Encourage one another to do great things!

Right now everybody can see this blog
But we will create membership and only members will be able to wright and read here.

Whenever you have an idea that you think might be interesting for others or you just have something that you thought of that made you happy - you log in here and share it in the blog in order to make everybody in the high energy club happy!

What do you think?

Today i got inspired by seeing pink and blue sky on Sveavägen on my way to work.
Seing this sky made me think how stupid i was thinking life is unbareable just 2 days ago.
There is always something that is worth leaving for!
And if you can not find anything - think about the seeing pink and blue sky at Sveavägen!


  1. Åh Anna, you started Blogging =) You are inspireing. =)

  2. Hmmmm! I know so many people called Anna! Since i don't know which Anna thinks i am inspiring i will think taht all the Annas i know think so :)

  3. can i join? i got long hair, as well sit to pee in your toilet...

  4. Of coarse you can!!! :)
    This IS the definition of being a woman - sitting down to pee. :)
    YOu don't even have to have long hair! :) :) :)