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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The best things

Sometimes you think that the bigger and better the news are the more energy you get from it.
But it is not true.
At least not in my case.
Two really good things happened today already now by 10 o'clock.
My bike was still there though i forgot it outside by my work over night!
Nobody stolen it and i love it! Of coarse!
But i also got a very funny email from my collegue F. He wrote that he can not close his project at today's management meeting that i am holding.
Since he is still gonna hold a presentation i don't really have to change anything, but he wrote that he wanted to worn me in case i prepared big song and dance show for his TG5 decision.
This email make me wanna dance and sing while getting my coffee in the companie's kitchen!
It made me really energetic and happy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Recommend great assertiveness and harmonized energy from the film "Simon och ekarna"

The inspiration of today!

The energy club has got 2 new writers today! Just like George Sand, they might share their thoughts under a pseudonym, but you never know - it might be their real names!

One of them might share her new exercise/sports inspiration very soon!

For me, the inpiration of today has been ghost shark and some old magazines my 2 friends and I tore apart today.
Ghost shark  is called havsmus in swedish which means sea mouse :). Cute name and what a beautiful animal! Look! :)

The magazines we tore apart was even greater inspiration! I need to go home to take some pictures with the fat camera. Hold on!

Ok. I thought i come home and choose the top 3 pictures of the dresses that inspire me and post them here. When i got home i got something that pleased me even more.
This is got to be top1. Sorry. :)
Imagine being able to have so much fun just by taking a bath? :)
Top 2 inspiration of today has got to be this beautiful dinner.

made by C. Why not put things beautifully even if you are using some food rests to prepare dinner? :)
Top 3
I made a collage of pictures from those magazines.This bright green skirt HAS to be worn in Rio :). I have to go back there with this skirt, and much stronger upper body muscles.:) And this time going home without a scar on my face after meeting a big wave :) Hope this picture collage will inspire me every time i am not feeling like going to the gym to work on my biceps :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

work and what you learn and assertiveness

Have you thought about that "work" is a very negative word?
I just got a new fantastic assignment from my boss and i love it. I started by creating a folder for files with info. I already have folders called 'future', 'interesting reading', 'brf' and 'recommend' in my brand new computer at work.Since this file will contain the actual work i will be doing i though the most logical name would be "work". But this sound like a folder i don't want to get in to. Which would make the opposite effect from what i want to achieve by giving this folder a name. What is a positive name for you? I want to have it as a positive affirmation each time i come to the office and start working. :)
Am i annoyingly positive now? :)

You don't have to make a user to comment down -you can do it as "anonymous" as well, i've heard it does not work well on an iphone though.

If your answer is yes i have two other thought to share with you. :) :) :)

One is something i discussed with a friend D. this lunch.
When you are feeling low because of something bad happening to you and you can not see anything positive coming out from it - you need a friend - and not a "party friend" - a friend who actually contacts you even when you are not in your best mood - who can help you find something positive in what is going on in - in order to hold on to life. It could be so difficult to find it and it could be annoying that somebody is actually finding something positive in this "completely" negative situation, but is necessary. 
And think about it: how much easier it is to call to a parking ticket company for a friend then to call the same for yourself. YOU KNOW YOU PARKED CORRECTLY, right????!!!! :)
And the conclusion made on the two assumption above - the blue and green - is that it is impossible to have "sköt dig själv och skit i andra" == "take care of youself and forget everyone else" - society that we are trying to create here in Sweden.
But! :) If you are already living in this kind of society... It is even more important to have a list of 5 things you really like to do:
retail therapy (shopping and trying on dresses and skirts)
ironing -  What do you guys like to do?
So when something bad happen to you : you (and this is a quote from Lucy):
"get opportunity to get centered" and get yourself "energy that raises the positive vibration".
When you feel good - you know what happened. You know there are no mistakes just lessons. You know what you learned from this bad situation.

I said two things, right?
The second is something i discussed with my friend C. yesterday. And it is assertiveness. Now, i know i have lots of programmers among my friends, and NO, this is not what you think it is :)
"As a communication style and strategy, assertiveness is thus distinguished from both aggression and passivity. How people deal with personal boundaries, their own and those of other people, helps to distinguish between these three concepts. Passive communicators do not defend their own personal boundaries and thus allow aggressive people to abuse or manipulate them through fear. Passive communicators are also typically not likely to risk trying to influence anyone else. Aggressive people do not respect the personal boundaries of others and thus are liable to harm others while trying to influence them. A person communicates assertively by overcoming fear of speaking his or her mind or trying to influence others, but doing so in a way that respects the personal boundaries of others. Assertive people are also willing to defend themselves against aggressive people."
What I think is that assertiveness is something we should strive to in all communication situations.Some of us tend more to passive communication -accepting people making negative comments about our looks - just giggling when they do - not defending our personal boundaries. Some of us giving to much advices to people not being perceptive to their personal boundaries - some of do both :). varying dependent on the mood we are in.
Is the goal to listen more and give soft feedback on how you understand what is said? And get inspired and energised from people you communicate with? :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things that inspired me the last 20 hours

Yes, now we start!
Here below i tell you what raised my energy lately and you tell me what raised your energy lately! :)

1. A dress from Diesel in Åhlens yesterday. It was black and grey and t-shirt like but a very strange form. It was twisted everywhere and looked a bit strande hanging on a hanger but look so cool when I tried it on! And how many times it is other way around! :) Since i am not allowed to shop anything this month it might be worth an effort to turn in some receipts to brf. that i have been caring around in my wallet for a couple of month. :)

2. One can study this class at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola!
If you take a look at the syllabus you understand this is like everything you wanna know on corporate finance! Unfortunatelly i can not apply since you have to have 60p economics classes done to apply and i only have 30. :) But it is a good goal, no?

3. Breakfast workshop called "Death By PowerPoint" at AddQ Consulting,  januari 20,  08:00 - 09:30.
I really wanna here it.
I suspected before that some people have died due to powerpoint. :)
Join me if you live in Stockholm!
You get breakfast and it is at Westmanska palatset, Holländargatan 17, basically on your way to work!
Hugs and lots of energy to you girls! Make good things that make you successful and happy!
(yes, i stole the "successful" thing from Stephanie :))

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two days after i started work again after six month off i have this new cool idea!
Or at lest i think so :)
We create High Energy Club!

(Yes it comes from reading notes from Lucy's class :))

This is a club for women who want to live in high energy and cycle each other up.
We want to live our lives like we ARE the party.
Be in charge of our mood
Help each other build our business and careers
Encourage one another to do great things!

Right now everybody can see this blog
But we will create membership and only members will be able to wright and read here.

Whenever you have an idea that you think might be interesting for others or you just have something that you thought of that made you happy - you log in here and share it in the blog in order to make everybody in the high energy club happy!

What do you think?

Today i got inspired by seeing pink and blue sky on Sveavägen on my way to work.
Seing this sky made me think how stupid i was thinking life is unbareable just 2 days ago.
There is always something that is worth leaving for!
And if you can not find anything - think about the seeing pink and blue sky at Sveavägen!