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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things that inspired me the last 20 hours

Yes, now we start!
Here below i tell you what raised my energy lately and you tell me what raised your energy lately! :)

1. A dress from Diesel in Åhlens yesterday. It was black and grey and t-shirt like but a very strange form. It was twisted everywhere and looked a bit strande hanging on a hanger but look so cool when I tried it on! And how many times it is other way around! :) Since i am not allowed to shop anything this month it might be worth an effort to turn in some receipts to brf. that i have been caring around in my wallet for a couple of month. :)

2. One can study this class at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola!
If you take a look at the syllabus you understand this is like everything you wanna know on corporate finance! Unfortunatelly i can not apply since you have to have 60p economics classes done to apply and i only have 30. :) But it is a good goal, no?

3. Breakfast workshop called "Death By PowerPoint" at AddQ Consulting,  januari 20,  08:00 - 09:30.
I really wanna here it.
I suspected before that some people have died due to powerpoint. :)
Join me if you live in Stockholm!
You get breakfast and it is at Westmanska palatset, Holländargatan 17, basically on your way to work!
Hugs and lots of energy to you girls! Make good things that make you successful and happy!
(yes, i stole the "successful" thing from Stephanie :))


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