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Friday, January 6, 2012

The inspiration of today!

The energy club has got 2 new writers today! Just like George Sand, they might share their thoughts under a pseudonym, but you never know - it might be their real names!

One of them might share her new exercise/sports inspiration very soon!

For me, the inpiration of today has been ghost shark and some old magazines my 2 friends and I tore apart today.
Ghost shark  is called havsmus in swedish which means sea mouse :). Cute name and what a beautiful animal! Look! :)

The magazines we tore apart was even greater inspiration! I need to go home to take some pictures with the fat camera. Hold on!

Ok. I thought i come home and choose the top 3 pictures of the dresses that inspire me and post them here. When i got home i got something that pleased me even more.
This is got to be top1. Sorry. :)
Imagine being able to have so much fun just by taking a bath? :)
Top 2 inspiration of today has got to be this beautiful dinner.

made by C. Why not put things beautifully even if you are using some food rests to prepare dinner? :)
Top 3
I made a collage of pictures from those magazines.This bright green skirt HAS to be worn in Rio :). I have to go back there with this skirt, and much stronger upper body muscles.:) And this time going home without a scar on my face after meeting a big wave :) Hope this picture collage will inspire me every time i am not feeling like going to the gym to work on my biceps :)

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