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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Urban exploration

I did some urban exploration on my way home from work today.
As Andriyivskyy descent

is under reconstruction
it is difficult to find way from Podil to the center of the city without bigger detour.
I did take Andriyvkyy to my way to work monday though the reconstruction - but my shoes were unacceptably dirty afterwords. And i did take the detour tuesday - 15 minutes longer walk.
Today i went through some backyards and found a tiny path i followed. The slope was steep and i could not see if there is a way out upstairs. There was a sound of water and lots of lids around (canalization?), weird birds and in general very scary. Also the slope got even more steep and i realized after a while i would not be able to go downwards if the is no way out up there, i was bending forward a lot to get balance.
My heart was being very quickly, i don't really know what i was aftraid of but i was. There were no people either.
When i got up and found a way to the Michajlovki church i felt like an accomplishment. :)  A bit as if i took a spinning class at the gym. Tomorrow i am gonna try some other weird road and take some pictures.

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