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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Every woman need 7 men

Every woman needs 7 men.
One to dance with
One to have romace with
One to have kids with
One to take care of them together with
One to encourage her creative ideas
One to enjoy food and drink with
One to travel with
One to try new and old sports with
One to go to the gym with
One to help her choose dresses by admiring
how she looks in different good ones
One to change her tires if she has a car
One to drive her around if she is not into driving
One to make her laugh
10 to laugh at her jokes
I realise these is more then 7...
Some of those men could be doing 2 or 3 tasks
be multi-tasking
(even if unusual for men)
And some - could be women too! :)
Actually ony the one you MAKE kids with has to be a man -
unfortunatelly. There are so many cool women one would like
to share genes with.
Should i change men  to partners then?
No i like to disturb.
But about marriage -
i can not even spell this word
It is enough with the one you take care of kids together with.
No to "Månggifte" - the swedish politician's suggestion
to allow you marrying several people :) :) :)

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